The CORE 'Change' Statement

All human sexuality is fallen and is in need of the sanctifying work of God to restore it to its intended wholeness and divine purpose. There is a growing body of research evidence indicating that sexual preference is neither immutable, innate nor chosen. As a consequence of our basic sinfulness we all have desires that we do not choose to have but we do have choices with respect to what we do about them. As a consequence our sexual identity can be reinforced or altered by either gender-affirming or gay-affirming lifestyles or therapies. CORE works with people who voluntarily seek to change from a “gay” lifestyle to a gender-affirming one. This is sometimes referred to as a “sexual re-orientation” process.

CORE recognizes that homosexuality is not exclusively a spiritual problem. The homosexual impulse may develop because of early wounding that has remained unhealed; it may also find its roots in legitimate physical and emotional needs that have not been met and have become distorted.

The Church of Christ has a responsibility to support, with patience, understanding, sensitivity and respect, individuals who choose to work through those issues that have led to the homosexual impulse. The process of change is often exceedingly painful and requires the support of skillful mentors and a loving community in order to promote wholeness and restoration.

Merely abstaining from homosexual activity, although admirable, cannot be regarded as healing. Heterosexual preference is the goal of gender-affirming therapy and this may lead to marriage. However there will always be those who choose to remain celibate and single. Such singleness should be valued and respected.

Last modified: Thursday, 19 August 2010, 08:07 AM