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a CORE-issue for Biblical authority and church discipleship...

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SORs debate: opposing views

The clear divide between those who did and did not support the introduction of Sexual Orientation Regulations (in Northern Ireland) is evident in these clips:
But what about the silent struggler sometimes neither comfortable in the church, nor the gay community?
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Welcome to Core-issues Learning a site managed by CORE

This is an online learning community for Christian men and women emerging from homosexual problems who seek to live according to Biblical standards and in fellowship with the church. The site is also a place to assist those who support such individuals with these goals, who believe change is possible.The site distinguishes between non-gay homosexual (men and women with homosexual problems) and those who choose to identify as 'Gay' who embrace this lifestyle.

Users agree with the Core Vision and Core Values and ethical statements, and recognise that sexual expression outside of marriage, and homosexual genital expression is not God’s will for His people. Resource material cited on this site can be purchased from the online bookstore.

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Core-issues Learning...

a site assisting the churches' understanding of homosexuality...

"And these dear people – who populate the church in millions – are the same people who can shrink from homosexuality as if homosexuality were a plague that could be caught. Homosexuals are seeking nothing more or less than any of us who craves value, identify, love and comfort, and gets addictively involved in searching for it in another human being – or in anything from sex to success. It is the same search gone awry, except that in the homosexual person the dynamics of an early deprivation make it inevitable that the emotional deficit is made up in a person of the same sex. A ‘straight’ woman turns to a man; a homosexual man turns to a man. So what! Both sexualise their need, because they don’t understand its origins. A man may turn to sex, power and status. There is no difference."

Brier Whitehead (2003:21), Craving for Love

craving for love

Interested in accessing this site?

Core-issues learning is managed by CORE Ministries, a non-profit Christian initiative in Northern Ireland. CORE learning seeks to develop safe, online spaces for those working through issues of homosexuality, and those who support them.It seeks to provide a shared resource for individuals, organisations and local churches working to support such individuals, that also support the CORE vision. Participation in the development of the CORE initiative is invited through the Partnership Proposal, and participants are asked to support the CORE values. Full site access will shortly be given to individuals who request it and are recommended by local churches or related Christian organisations. Registration is free, and manually effected, using a genuine email address. Personal information collected here will never be visible to non-registered visitors to this site, nor will it be shared with third parties. After users have enrolled in a course, they will also have the opportunity to hide their email address from view by other registered participants. Read our Privacy/Confidentiality Policy here.

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God does not cure people of legitimate needs...

Moberly 3

"To stop being a homosexual means to stop being a person with same-sex psychological deficits. This can only happen through the fulfilment of such needs and the resolution of any barriers to such fulfilment. Conversely it must be understood very clearly that to thwart the fulfilment of such needs implies that the person is forced to remain homosexual. A non-practising homosexual is still a homosexual. Sexual activity may not be appropriate to the outworking of the solution, but sexual abstinence of itself does not begin to meet the problem of the underlying deficits. Only the non-sexual fulfilment of same-sex needs may do this."

Elizabeth Moberly (1983:40), Homosexuality: A New Christian Ethic

What this site offers...

Core-issues learning supports the work of CORE Ministries. CORE seeks to provide shared resources for local churches and organisations concerned to minister to homosexual men and woman. The site aims to offer an alternative soundbite and teaching tool for Christians troubled by the manner or tone in which the issue of homosexuality is represented in local churches and by para-church organisations. The site values learning in community. Materials are Bible-based and receptive to both responsible research and the expertise of professionals.

Full access provides:

  • Interactive courses and e-learning opportunities
  • a variety of audio and visual feeds
  • Personal e-mentors
  • Personal and private blogging facilities
  • Interactive chat
  • Forums (synchronous and asynchronous)
  • A verity of related secular and Christian news feeds

Being homosexual does not mean being gay...

“Today, new studies place the homoerotic drive in better perspective by showing us that it originates from the search for health and wholeness. Many homosexuals are attracted to other men and their maleness because they are striving to complete their own gender identification. From this perspective, we now better understand the nature of the homosexual person's struggle. And with this understanding, we can offer more than tolerance, but--for those who seek it--hope for healing. More than civil rights, we can offer a way toward wholeness...

... the word "homosexual" is used in this book as convenient shorthand to denote "the man with the homosexual problem." It must always be borne in mind that no man's personhood can be reduced to a simple sexual identity”.



    You can now support CORE by buying any of the books featured in this website at our online shop. The shop is run in association with All transactions are handled by the secure Amazon website and a portion of the money you spend is returned to CORE. Your purchases are no more expensive and CORE gets a little extra funding which we use to support and enhance the work of CORE Ministries.

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Dr Robert Spitzer Interview

This (first)clip from a 2004 interview with Dr. Robert Spitzer discusses his study of people who reported changes in aspects of homosexual orientation. In this clip, he discusses the purpose of the study, why he believed his participants, and what he learned from the study. Produced by Warren Throckmorton, PhD (Read Throckmorton/Spitzer interview here).
The second clip is more recent, and in it Dr Spitzer raises concerns about the misuse of his earlier study (conducted in 2001). The interviews are important indicators that change in both sexual identity and orientation is possible (although probably rare), and also the dangers in using such studies without sufficient respect for the initial research intentions and findings. See the use of this research in an article by the National Association for Research and Therepy of Homosexuality (NARTH)..... Further reading about this research can be found here.
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  • An Interview with Gordon Darragh, Associate Pastor of Windsor Baptist Church, Belfast, a church looking for something that Asians could relate to.
  • I confess that I’ve always been a bit dubious about honouring saints. And not just on the kind of theological grounds that made such an impact at the Reformation.....But, despite all that, on May 23, I will be marking the day that Oscar Romero is honoured. I shall be cheering because here was someone who was not a great heroic self, but was someone who really did come to represent his people, and whose memory and inspiration still live in El Salvador.
  • For the first time in Welsh history, we are able to come up with an accurate figure of the number of hustings held around Wales in the run-up to the general election and, of those, the amount that were organised by churches. Here are some of the facts and figures...
  • The Stage 1 vote on the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill has now been confirmed to take place next Wednesday, 27 May. The Alliance is calling on all supporters to pray ahead of this vote and for those living in Scotland to contact your MSPs ahead of Wednesday.
  • After living and breathing the referendum all of last year, once again Scotland managed to produce a political night to leave even the most seasoned Westminster commentators stunned by what they had seen.
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